Now, I know you’re wondering, “why is there an update? Today is Tuesday!”
Well, I’ve been getting tired of doing long, relatively involved comics, and so I’ve decided to take a bit of a break and change the format of my comic for a while.
For the next two weeks, and maybe more, I’ll be making two updates a week with comics that are much shorter than usual, ranging from one to four panels, and taking up much less than a full page. This will allow me to loosen up a bit, as well as providing an opportunity to make jokes that would otherwise be too short, with artwork that would otherwise be too uninvolved, to warrant a week of their own.
So for the next few weeks or so, please enjoy reading two comics a week, one on Tuesday, and the other on Friday. Each comic will be entitled “Unnumbered” and will be assigned a number right after that. Please ignore the obvious contradiction.